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Innovative mixing technology brings anonymity to everyone.
You are not required to use any other cryptocurrencies, because now .

How it Works

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Create order

Select your own settings: service fee, distribution, delay and others

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Send coins

Check your order data and send your coins to the input address

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Wait for mixing

You can just chill while we're preparing your brand new mixed coins

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Get mixed coins

Once mixing is finished you will receive mixed coins


We're offering the most innovative mixing features comparing to competetiors

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Instant Mixing

We're going to mix your coins instantly if delay is not set

No Logs

Zero logs policy, we remove all data after order expiration

Tor Support

TOR v3 fully supported as well, we recommend to use it

New Algorithm

Innovative mixing technology from blockchain experts

Low Fees

Lowest fee on the market and you can adjust it by self

Clean (No-JS) version

If you've disabled javascript - feel free to use clean version of our site

Frequently Asked Questions

Read full version of FAQ for more information.

Bitcoin is not anonymous. Exposing your identity to anyone may be dangerous. Anyone can reveal amount of funds you have and target a cyberattack to steal your coins.

We follow zero log policy, which means we'll fully delete any data related to your order after order expiration.

It's almost instant. You can set transfer delay or get mixed coins instantly.

Currently we support only bitcoin. We'll add more cryptocurrencies in near future, stay tuned.

We charge small fee for using our service. It's the lowest possible fee to cover operations costs: pay for mixing hardware and support team.

If you've used our mixing service and clean address to receive mixed coins - you're safe!
Ready to mix your coins?

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